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Proposition 2: A Modest Investment for Big Impact

Spring 2021 Municipal Election: $1.15M Facility Bond for Senior Centers and Loussac Library

Did you know? Senior Centers and Libraries are on the April ballot.

Proposition 2 is a $1.15M facilities bond for the Anchorage Senior Center, Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center and Loussac Library in the upcoming municipal election. This small bond will provide critical safety projects and building upgrades for popular facilities that are the heart of our community. By investing this modest amount now, we can save money on expensive repairs in the future. At only .25 cents per $100,000 of assessed value, the cost to the average homeowner will be less than $1.

Ballots will be mailed on March 15 and are due back by April 6, 2021. MORE AT: MOA Elections &


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Who uses public facilities?

  • Over 100,000 people a year use the Anchorage Senior Center including students, non-profits, dance groups and the business community
  • Municipal residents use public libraries regularly – Anchorage Public Library sees almost a MILLION visits per year
  • All three facilities have been serving our community with altered services during COVID


What will the bond pay for?


Who owns these facilities? We do!

  • These are city owned properties
  • These are heavily used buildings that serve the entire municipality

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