Contributions to the Foundation help launch new library initiatives and pilot projects, and fund upgrades at the Loussac and neighborhood libraries.

Our Mission

Believing that free public libraries are essential to our community, the Anchorage Library Foundation works to promote, fund and support the long-term vitality of the Anchorage Public Library.

Why You Should Donate to the Library Foundation

Our Library is experiencing an extraordinary revitalization as it shifts beyond traditional services, staffing and facilities to become a dynamic center for education and exploration. We need YOU to help us complete this revitalization and achieve our bold goal to ensure that ALL people in Anchorage have the information resources needed to live successful, productive lives. Learn More.


2024 Library Foundation Strategic Plan

Our History

In the early 1980s, Anchorage libraries saw a period of rapid growth. The passage of municipal bonds and a grant from the state allowed for several large construction and renovation projects, including the creation of the central Loussac Library. During this time, library advocate Wilda Marston had a vision to create a foundation to support the long-term goals of the Anchorage Public Library. She realized that public funding for libraries would ebb and flow, but a foundation would ensure that the Library system would always have adequate funding to thrive. Marston gathered fellow library supporters, Eric Wohlforth, Wilda Hudson, Arne Espy and Arliss Sturgulewski, to create the first Anchorage Library Foundation board. The organization incorporated in 1982.

A separate entity from the Public Library, the Anchorage Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Tax I.D. #92-0081583.

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Board of Trustees

Kim Hays, President
Chris Vaughan, Vice President
Kenrick Mock, Secretary
Audrey Jo Malone, Treasurer
Margo Bellamy
Carrie Irwin Brown
Susanne Fleek-Green
Alexandra Foote-Jones
Tabitha Karpow
Amanda Keates
Matthew Moser
Chelsea Ray Riekkola
Clare Ross

Virginia McClure, Library Director

Roe Sturgulewski

Organizational and financial reports can be found on Guidestar.

Contact Details

Anchorage Library Foundation
P.O. Box 244714
Anchorage, AK 99524
Phone: 907-231-5013