Potential design of Alaska Room

The Alaska Room at Loussac Library

We’re in the early stages of planning for a new Alaska Room at Loussac Library! The room will be a welcoming learning and gathering space where we can celebrate our cultures, learn about our shared history, exchange ideas and backgrounds, and engage in civic dialog and action.

Our goal: Bring Alaska and Anchorage history to life, make it relevant to community members of all ages and backgrounds, and use collaborative learning and exploration to develop solutions to today’s issues.

Our vision: People of all backgrounds see themselves reflected in the Alaska Room, to know that Alaska’s history is not someone else’s past, but their own, as well as a place to reflect on the present, and shape the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of libraries sharing information and creating connections during uncertain times. This project can be a path forward in our community’s recovery, providing access to the world of social and cultural ideas, which is more important now than ever.

The Anchorage Library Foundation has begun planning a fundraising campaign for the project for an estimated 2022 construction and 2023 opening.

Project Information

Alaska Room Discussion Guide


Please visit the Library’s project page for updates and more information.