Speak Up For Your Library

Did you know that our Library needs $3M/year more in operating funds to even be average among peer libraries? Click Here to Read the Benchmark Data

Did you know that almost all funding for the Library comes from local funds (property taxes)? There are very few sources of state or federal funds for libraries.

If you love your Library and think funding should be increased, please contact the Mayor and your Assembly Representative today.

Library Talking Points

  • The Library is a critical resource in the city’s fight against crime, drugs and homelessness – it helps improve education outcomes, connects people to services, helps people find jobs and gives our city a sense of community.
  • Stable funding ensures that the library continues to be a catalyst for economic and educational growth in our community.
  • Library’s budget cuts do not reflect the spirit of our community, which strongly supports our library (70% of US voters have visited a library in the last year, and here in Anchorage, a recent survey found that 86% of library patrons (and 70% of non-users) believe that APL provides good value for the tax dollars invested).
  • Tell your personal story of how the library has transformed your life.

Contact Your Assembly Member or the Mayor

Write a Letter to the Editor

  • Make your letter short and clear. Letters to the Anchorage Daily News may not exceed 175 words.
  • Make it personal. Demonstrate how the library affects you personally, use statistics if you have them, and give the source of your information.
  • Stick to one issue, stick to the facts and be nice. Letters that are mean-spirited or contain false information are harmful to the Library.
  • Write on timely issues. The best way to get published is to respond to a letter or article that was recently published in the paper.
  • Include your contact information. They will not print your info, but they need it to verify that you wrote the letter. Include your name, address, and phone number.
  • Use the link to submit: Anchorage Daily News

Attend Your Community Council Meetings

Community councils are your local voice for the issues in your neighborhood that you care about. Each neighborhood is represented by its own council and meetings are held monthly.

Community Council Homepage

Find your community council and elected officials: My Neighborhood Homepage