Thank you for my new Mountain View Library! I can walk to it, the books are sorted by age level, there are nice places to read the books, we don’t have to take the bus to get to it and can combine a trip to the museum with a trip to the library.

– 8 year old Mountain View Branch patron

I love this library! My two daughters and I come every week. I am so thankful for such a resource for my family. When people ask me what I like about Eagle River, the library is one item I always mention. Again, thank you for providing such a resource for our community!

– Roy Buyse and Family, Chugiak-Eagle River Branch patrons

I am a retired professor and my recreational reading means everything to me. The Anchorage Library is such a fantastic resource. The collection, the staff, the web site, just everything is so wonderful and gives my life a richness beyond measure. I am so glad the bond measure passed and whatever the increase in my taxes it is more than worth it. Indeed, I am sure I pay a tiny fraction in tax support compared to all the services I use at the library.

– John Bury

I would like to tell you about my favorite library, which is the Muldoon Branch. I have used many libraries in the Anchorage area, but have not found one that is more organized that the Muldoon Branch. This branch may be small, but they also do an excellent job of getting my held orders ready for me to pick up. I truly do appreciate the Muldoon Library and feel that I am lucky to have such a nice place to go

– Kara Edwards, Muldoon Branch patron

The Scott & Wesley Gerrish Branch Library is such an asset to my family, as well as a center piece in our community. As a home school mother we use the library as our main resource for research, literature, and entertainment. Staff at the Gerrish Branch library is always eager to help with selecting, referring, and finding materials that I am searching for. It’s one of my favorite places in Girdwood.

– Amy Stone and family, Gerrish-Girdwood Branch patrons

Anchorage’s public libraries are important because they are a window and door to the past, present and future, to what the world, nation, state community, family and we ourselves as individuals have been, are, and can become. Without public libraries, the quality of our lives would be seriously diminished.

– Sallie and Norman Hogg, Muldoon Branch patrons

At a visit to the library last weekend, I was thrilled to see all the people using the facility–people reading in chairs and on stools, kids with parents reading to them, folks using the computers, and much more! Thank you for fighting to keep our libraries open!

Joan Stassel, Donor