Loussac Library Renewal

The new entrance is a vibrant and welcoming space that is a source of pride for our community. Hundreds of individuals and community leaders pitched in to make the project possible, demonstrating just how much our city values the future of education, learning, and community in Anchorage!

Thanks to the hundreds of generous donors who made this possible!

Thanks to the hundreds of generous donors who made this possible!

What’s Next for Loussac?

Like the new entrance? There’s more to come! The new entrance is the first step toward improving the Loussac Library, but more work remains to be done. After 30 years of wear and tear, critical systems are nearing the end of their lifespans. The Municipality of Anchorage and the Anchorage Library Foundation are currently planning the launch of a second and final phase of the renovation, which include:

  • Seismic, building safety, ADA and energy efficiency improvements.
  • Renovations to the 4th floor to create a community education hub.
  • Renovation of the children’s area.
  • New furnishings, carpet and signage to match the new spaces.
  • Interior and exterior refinishing.

“In these times of state spending cuts and belt-tightening, it’s important to protect our centers of innovation and information as investments in the future. Institutions like the Loussac Library are crucial to giving Alaska’s next generation of leaders and innovators the tools and support they need to succeed and thrive here in the Last Frontier.“

Overview of the Loussac Entrance Renovation

The entrance renovation reinvents the way our library serves the community. Key features of this transformational project include:

  • A safe, welcoming and accessible entrance with easy access to all four floors.
  • More spaces for community gathering, meetings and groups learning.
  • An attractive, easy to navigate building, with increased natural light for a safe and welcoming experience for users of all ages and backgrounds. A building that is more efficient to operate.

Loussac Renewal and Facility Master Plan

The Loussac Library Renewal is a once-in-a-generation renovation of one of our city’s most important and well-used institutions. The first project of the Renewal, the entrance renovation was a major recommendation of the 2013 Loussac Master Plan.

A year in the making, the Loussac Master Plan is a result of detailed planning by architects, designers, technology and library experts, and thoughtful and creative input from thousands of community members. The Plan sets a path to transform the Loussac into a dynamic and interactive hub for community engagement.